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Date Parameters and Editorial Standards

A pre-1925 date limit for BMO increases the timeframe covered by the print editions to include the beginnings of the early keyboard revival. As a primarily crowd-sourced information system, BMO editors make a reasonable effort to ensure accuracy of information and consistency of its presentation, but necessarily accepts all credible data from observers all around the world. Users are strongly urged to alert editors when they have new information, corrections, or photographs.

Costs and Funding

All staffing is volunteer. However, website hosting and professional web development are costly. BMO receives funding from the Musical Instrument Research Catalog (www.MIRCat.org), a non-profit 501(c)3 charity that solicits funding from individuals and organizations in support of the BMO initiative and other closely related digital resources for musical instrument research.


General Editor and Website Administrator is John R. Watson, based in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. (email Editor@Boalch.org). Biographies editor is Lance Whitehead based in Edinburgh, Scotland. (email Biographies@Boalch.org). A board of contributing editors is being formed.


BMO is an independent initiative that regularly reports its progress to MIRCat, on which BMO depends for funding, encouragement, and consulting. There is also a Boalch advisory committee to advise on editorial policy and database interface improvements.

Project Status (as of 1 August, 2022)

The new user interface for Boalch-Mould Online is undergoing final testing. It will be ready for general use sometime this month. Lance Whitehead has completed his initial updating of almost 2000 makers and their biographies, which now total over 300,000 words. Biographies include innumerable references to recent scholarship and many more makers, some material not published anywhere else. Database users will have the ability to submit new and corrected information on the instruments directly online prior to immediate editorial review and publication.