Instrument types represented in Boalch-Mould Online

  Archicembalo (1M)
  Clavichord with octave strings in the bass
Fret-free Clavichord  
Fret-free Clavichord (2M and pedal)
Fret-free Clavichord (Manual part of a pedal clavichord)
Fret-free Clavichord (Pedal part of pedal clavichord)
Fret-free Clavichord combined with barrel organ
Fret-free Clavichord with independent pedal clavichord
Fret-free Clavichord with octave strings in the bass
Fretted Clavichord  
Fretted Clavichord with octave strings in the bass
  Clavicytherium (1M)
  Clavicytherium (2M)
Octave Clavicytherium (1M)
  Claviorgan (1M)
  Claviorgan (2M)
Upright Claviorgan (1M)
  Double Virginal  
  Double Virginal (Muselar)
Rectangular    Double Virginal (Muselar)
  Harpsichord (?M)
  Harpsichord (1M See remarks.)
  Harpsichord (1M)
  Harpsichord (2M alt.)
  Harpsichord (2M)
  Harpsichord (2M?)
  Harpsichord (3M See remarks)
  Harpsichord (3M)
Fragment: Harpsichord (Nameboard)
Fragment: Harpsichord (Soundboard)
Octave Harpsichord  
Octave Harpsichord (1M)
  Harpsichord & Virginal    (1M)
Combined Harpsichord & Virginal (2M)
Combined Harpsichord-Piano (1M)
Combined Harpsichord-Piano (2M)
  Not known  
Combined Organ Clavichord  
Folding Portable Harpsichord (Folding)
Folding Portable Harpsichord (Octave folding)
  Spinet (?)
  Spinet (Automatic)
Bentside Spinet  
Bentside Spinet (2M)
Octave Spinet  
Polygonal Spinet  
Combined Spinet & Regal  
  Virginal (Automatic)
  Virginal (Muselar)
Combined Virginal (2M)
Octave Virginal  
Octave Virginal (2M)
Pentagonal Virginal  
Pentagonal Virginal (fragment)
Polygonal Virginal  
Rectangular Virginal  
Rectangular Virginal (Muselar)
  Vis à vis (2M, 1M)
  Vis à vis (4M)